A Song of Ice and Fire: "Honour through Blood!"

A Not So Warm Welcome... (20/10/11)
Session #1

The adventure began when, after being away for 2 months whilst traveling to and from King’s Landing, the Adventurers were greeted with a very different Blüdhaven. Lady Lorenna Banefort was dead, Lord Mussman Bathory had fled, and Rose Bathory and Natré Bathory were on their way to The Twins to be fostered to Lady Myriel Bathory.

Furthermore, Lord Bren Hill had been given the title of Lord and sat in his father’s seat, the rightful seat of Ser Yomrish Bathory.

After the Adventurers read over Mussman’s Letter, they deduced a secret message hidden within: “Bees dance for their Queen.”, although they were perplexed as to what it meant.

When they attempted to gather information as to what happened, it was discovered that a new Septon was in town to dispose of Septa Aileen Rivers. This was Septon Hallerman. After several confrontations with the Adventurers, Septon Hallerman stormed off, only to later influence and convince Omar Andraste of his merits.

Furthermore, confrontation in the streets between members of The Faith and the Bloodsworn almost got out of hand before Omar Andraste was able to diffuse the situation.

Blüdhaven seems to be at risk from House Banefort who threaten to invade should lawlessness break out there, under the new Lord.

Finally, as a feast was underway in the honour of the returning Adventurers, a dishevilled and seemingly beaten Rose Bathory stumbled into the feast hall saying “It was a trap. Bandits on the road.” before collapsing.


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