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In the Westerlands – enthralled to the Lannisters – sit the domains of House Bathory, an ancient Andal line infamous for rumours of blood-lust, vampirism and horrors best left unsaid.

In recent years, the House has declined, but some few members still cling to the old ways of their House, tieing their “true identity” into the Faith to breed an army of fanatics.

But when the drums of war sound, crows and far crueler things come to feed…

* * *
Dramatis Personae
Ser Yomrish Bathory
Rütger Bathory
Gilroy Rosbhurt
Omar Andraste
Cheuk’s Character

We play every Thursday 6:00PM EST at Good Games Melbourne.
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A Song of Ice and Fire: "Honour through Blood!"

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