The Seven Kingdoms are divided amongst what are known as the ‘Great Houses’ which consist of the most powerful and most influential of the Houses of Westeros. Generally, all other Houses are in some way bound to these great Houses (be they direct bannermen, bannermen of bannermen, or knights know owe some fealty, loyalty or favour to them). The great Houses themselves are all loosely connected through marriage and various bonds and ties, but are largely independent of each other within their own lands. All of the great Houses, however, swear fealty to the King.

The Great Houses

House Seat/s of Power Realm/s Lord
House Baratheon King’s Landing/Storm’s End/Dragonstone The Crown Lands/The Stormlands/Dragonstone King Robert Baratheon/Lord Renly Baratheon/Lord Stannis Baratheon
House Stark Winterfell The North Lord Eddard Stark
House Greyjoy Pyke The Iron Islands Lord Balon Greyjoy
House Tully Riverrun The Riverlands Lord Hoster Tully
House Arryn The Eyrie The Mountains of the Moon Lord Jon Arryn
House Lannister Casterly Rock The Westerlands Lord Tywin Lannister
House Tyrell Highgarden The Reach Lord Mace Tyrell
House Martell Sunspear Dorne Prince Doran Martell
House Targaryen N/A N/A N/A
Note, House Targaryen is essentially extinct. See wiki page for details.

Other Houses

Within each great House are innumerable smaller Houses, so as such, they are not all listed here. Only important and/or encountered (in the campaign) Houses will be listed below:

House Loyalty Seat/s of Power Realm/s Lord
House Bathory House Lannister Blüdhaven The Westerlands Lord Mussman Bathory


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