House Bathory

House: House Bathory
Loyalty: House Lannister
Seat: Blüdhaven
Realm: The Westerlands
Lord: Lord Mussman Bathory
Words: “Honour through Blood!”
Heraldry: Gules Field, Or Bat holding Chalice Charge.
Defence: 28
Influence: 42
Lands: 43
Law: 23
Population: 23
Power: 48
Wealth: 48


House Bathory has a mixed past which has shaped it as a powerful contender within The Westerlands. Furthermore, due to a history of guileful and intelligent Lords, House Bathory has known considerable favour at the hands of their liege-house, House Lannister.

In the eyes of the Smallfolk (and certain few Nobles) however, House Bathory is one to be feared for more supernatural reasons. Since the early years of the House’s existence, the Lords of House Bathory have proported myths and rumours that they are in fact vampires – creatures of the night that can beguile at a glance and feed off the blood of their human victims. How true these rumours are, exactly, has never been proven, but few heads of House Bathory openly talk about their ‘roots’ to maintain this mystique.


House Bathory began during the Andal Invasion, being risen from among the first wave to enter The Westerlands and to almost immediately band behind the new masters of Casterly Rock. From this point, House Bathory grew to fame for its fanatical household warriors spread rumours of their leader’s battle prowess and bloodlust. The then present Lady of House Lannister was taken with these rumours and kept Lord Bryce Bathory as her constant companion.

However, events shortly turned sour for House Bathory when their forces failed during the Rhoynar Invasion and the rumours of vampirism were ‘disproven’. For years the shame of House Bathory thwarted all of their movements. Once the Blackfyre Rebellion broke out, however, their luck turned, for several successful counter-attacks through the Riverlands landed them in good favour with House Targaryen.

In recent years, however, House Bathory showed its true colours when, after Prince Rhaegar Targaryen had fallen, Lord Mussman Bathory, head of House Bathory, sided and conspired with Lord Tywin Lannister to bring about the fall of King’s Landing, stating that “A dead king is no king at all.” After this event, House Bathory became one of the most trusted and loved houses of House Lannister.

Notable Members

House Bathory has several notable members:

House Bathory

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