The history of Westeros is vibrant, realistic and truly massive. As such, there is no possible chance that all of it could be included in this wiki, so, instead, below is a brief timeline of the important events through the history of Westeros with links on some of the pages for further information.

Dates are given in relation to Aegon‘s Landing (AL) with events prior to this being Before Aegon’s Landing (BAL). Further, remember that many of these dates are approximate, as not even the Maesters are sure of the exact dates of many of these events.

The Dawn Age

  • Before 12,000 BAL: Westeros is inhabited by the Children of the Forest and Magic is prevalent.
  • 12,000 BAL: The First Men invade, beginning a war between them and the Children of the Forest lasting 2,000 years.
  • 10,000 BAL: The Pact between the First Men and the Children of the Forest is made.

The Age of Heroes

  • 8,000 BAL: The Long Night hits Westeros and the demonic race known as the Others attacks. Through the efforts of the First Men and the Children of the Forest they are eventually driven back and The Wall is built (and the Night’s Watch created), as well as Winterfell and Storm’s End.
  • Unknown: Several other tales take place, whose validity is unknown, such as the “Night’s King”, the “Horn of Joramun” and more.

The Andal Invasion

  • 6,000 BAL: The [[Andals] come from over the ocean and invade Westeros. They eventually eradicate the Children of the Forest and defeat the First Men everywhere except the North. With them they bring steel and The Faith.

Age of Valyria

  • 5,000 BAL: Across the Narrow Sea, the people of Valyria discover Dragons and tame them, thus forging a great empire.
  • 700 BAL: The Valyrian conquest drives the Rhoynish people over the Narrow Sea into Westeros who settle in Dorne and forge an alliance with House Martell, becoming forever known as the Rhoynar.
  • 200 BAL: The Valyrian Freehold annexes the island of Dragonstone and places it under the control of House Targaryen.
  • 100 BAL: The Doom of Valyria occurs which destroys the old empire, thus leaving the only remaining Dragons in the hands of House Targaryen.

Targaryen Dynasty

  • 1 AL: The War of Conquest pccurs when [[: aegon1 | Aegon the Conquerer]] flies his three dragons over the Westeros and dominates six of the seven kingdoms (only Dorne escapes his devistation). In this way, Aegon raises House Baratheon to Storm’s End, House Tyrell to Highgarden, House Tully tp Riverrun and House Greyjoy to the Iron Islands. Further, King’s Landing is built.
  • 37 AL: Maegor the Cruel takes the throne and crushes the power of The Faith. No longer may it assemble troops.
  • 129-137 AL: The Dance of Dragons occurs when Aegon II fights his half-sister Rhaenyra for control of the Iron Throne. The war ends with Rhaenyra’s son, Aegon III taking the throne. He later earns the title “Dragonbane” for the last dragon dies during his reign.
  • 157-161 AL: King Daeron I attempts to take Dorne but ultimately fails. His brother, Baelor I eventually succeeds peacefully.
  • 161-171 AL: Baelor the Blessed builds the Great Sept of Baelor.
  • 172-184 AL: Aegon IV legitimises his bastard son Daemon Blackfyre, and gives him the Valyrian Steel sword, Blackfyre.
  • 195-196 AL: The Blackfyre Rebellion is fought in which Targaryen fights Targaryen. Daemon eventually dies but many of his sons escape.
  • 255-260 AL: The War of the Ninepenny Kings is fought when the decendants of Blackfyre return. The original Targaryen line defeats them.

The Mad King



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