Tag: Quality


  • Qualities

    Below are all the *Qualities* thus far used by our players: | [[Anointed]] | +2 on Status test, 1/day gain +5 to Defenses. | | [[Axe Fighter I]] | Sacrifice bonus dice to deal extra damage. | | [[Braavosi Fighter I]] | Increase Defensive Bonus by +1. …

  • Anointed

    *Martial* _Requires [[Sponsor]]_ You derive the full benefits for being an anointed knight. Add +2 to all of your Status test results. You may draw strength from your commitment to the knightly virtues and the strength of your convictions. You gain a …

  • Axe Fighter I

    *Martial* _Requires Fighting 4 (Axes 2B)_ Whenever you make a Fighting test to attack using an axe, you can sacrifice all your bonus dice before the test to deal additional damage. On a hit with the attack, your target takes extra damage equal to the …

  • Braavosi Fighter I

    *Martial* _Requires Fighting 4 (Fencing 1B)_ Fencing weapons in your hands gain Defensive +1 or increase their existing Defensive Bonus by +1. You always retain +1 of this bonus, even when making an attack with the weapon.

  • Connections

    *Ability* _Requires Streetwise 1B_ Choose one region or a city. You have connections in this place, and you can tap them to gather information about them. You gain +1D on all Knowledge tests made while in your chosen location.

  • Courteous

    *Social* _Requires Persuasion 3_ Add a number to Deception test results equal to one-half your Persuasion ranks (round down, minimum 1). In addition, when an opponent targets you with the Read Target action, increase your passive Deception result by a …

  • Sponsor

    *Fate* A person of quality will vouch for you. (This does not confer a mechanical benefit, it simply means you have an ally that you can call on when in need.)

  • Treacherous

    *Social* During an intrigue, you may add a number equal to your Cunning ranks to all of your Deception test results.

  • Water Dancer I

    *Martial* _Requires Fighting 3 (Fencing 1B)_ Add to all Awareness test results and your passive Awareness result a number equal to your Fighting ranks.