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  • Drawbacks

    Below are all the *Drawbacks* thus far used by our players: | [[Cruel]] | You cannot see the consequences of your actions. | | [[Disturbing Habit]] | You have an unusual compulsion. | | [[Flawed]] | Take -1D on all tests with a specific ability. | | …

  • Cruel

    You take -2D on all Awareness tests involving Empathy. In addition, when engaging in intrigues, you opponent's disposition is always one step worse if they recognise who you are.

  • Disturbing Habit

    When recognised and using Persuasion to Intimidate, you gain +1d. In all other uses of Persuasion, however, you take a -1D on Persuasion tests.

  • Flawed

    when you gain this drawback, select a single ability. You take a -1D on all tests involving this ability. When calculating your passive result with this ability, you treat your ability as being 1 point lower.

  • Maimed

    Whenever you test a relevant ability, you must reroll any die result of a 6 and take the second roll.