Mussman's Letter

The letter from Lord Mussman to his son, Ser Yomrish Bathory.


A letter written to Ser Yomrish Bathory by Lord Mussman Bathory.

To my dearest son,

Fret not in this time of darkness, for our House will live on as it always will.
Bathory endures.

I couldn’t save your mother. One moment she lived, the next she died, cold to
the world. What have we done to bring the heavy hand of malady upon us?

I cannot persist in these halls with my grief all around. I have left for the
Wall and intend to take the Black. If carelessness was my beginning, cold-
ness shall be my end. As it is all things. As it is everyone.

I have passed everything I have to your brother. Bastard-born he may be,
but he has a sound mind. I am sorry, my son, but our House needs a strong
Lord, and I fear there are things you must yet learn. Further, your sisters
have been fostered to your Aunt Myriel at the Twins. They are en route now
and I pray for their safe deliverance.

Question not your Maester’s wisdom and follow the guidance of your elders.
Look to your friends, son, and remember everything I have taught you.

The world is not without honour, but there is none except Honour through

Goodbye, my son, and forgive me…

The letter was encoded with a hidden message (written in bold letters) which spelled out: Bees dance for their Queen.

Mussman's Letter

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