Lord Mussman Bathory

Current Lord of House Bathory


Mussman Bathory, second son of Lord Tyvold Bathory and Lady Ophelia Banefort, was originally set to become a Maester in Oldtown until his brother, Ser Walter Bathory, died shortly before being married, thus forcing Mussman into his place. As the new heir, he married the already pregnant Lady Lorenna Sarsfield, and took the title of Lord.

Despite now being a leader, he maintained his love of the written word which originally pushed him to become a Maester, and as such became a Lord of high learning. In this way, he rose to favour under Lord Tywin Lannister, as he is a valued councillor and strategist. Despite his skill with learning, he is an unremarkable fighter and has achieved no great deeds in that sphere.

During the War of the Usurper, he originally sided with the Targaryen cause, but eventually yielded to Tywin once Arys has been slain saying “A dead King is no King at all”.

Lord Mussman Bathory

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